Year-End Fundraising 2017: How you can help

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Dear Readers,

Two Coats of Paint began publishing in 2007, and this past year, thanks to your generous  tax-deductible contributions, ongoing support from advertisers, and subsidized rent from the Two Trees Cultural Space Subsidy Program, we have been able to continue for another year. Your funding enabled us to produce articles, pay contributors, promote our intern to a paid position, host resident artists, visit artists’ studios, organize open house events, and curate two exhibitions. All of these activities involved members of the Two Coats  community, and we are grateful not only for your financial support, but for your participation.

If independent art projects like Two Coats of Paint are valuable to you, please consider supporting us again in the coming year by making a tax-deductible contribution. No amount is too small.

Here is what your generous financial contributions will support in 2018:
$50 = One post
$45 = The monthly fee for the Two Coats of Paint newsletter service
$150 = A studio visit with an artist
$250 = Utility bills, data storage, wifi, and trash fees for a month
$500 = An artist’s residency for one week
$15/hour = Editorial assistance (directly effects the number of posts we can produce each week)
$775 = Monthly office/residency space rent

To donate, click here.

To those  who have already donated to our 2017 campaign: THANK YOU!

Sharon Butler

P.S. As in past campaigns, contributors who give more than $100 will receive….something. Any suggestions what the gift should be this year?  Perhaps we can commission an artist to do a limited edition print? Leave ideas in the Comments section. Must not be too expensive to ship!


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