Our Year-End Fundraising Drive: How you can help

Two Coats of Paint mug

Two Coats of Paint began publishing in 2007, and this past year we saw tremendous growth thanks to tax-deductible contributions from more than 200 readers, support from new advertisers, and a generous follow-up grant from the Creative Capital  /  Andy Warhol Foundation Arts Writing Program. Your funding enabled us to redesign the site, overhaul the antiquated Blogger code, archive more than 2700 posts, transfer from Blogspot to a dedicated server, and begin modestly paying contributors. Thanks to help from a new part-time editorial assistant, we have been able to publish more frequently and cover more exhibitions, projects, and galleries. Many of these involved our artist readers.

If independent art publishing is valuable to you, please consider supporting Two Coats of Paint again in the coming year by making a tax-deductible contribution. No amount is too small.

Here is what your generous financial contributions will support in 2017:

$25 = Beer and wine for an Open House
$50 = One post
$45 = The monthly fee for the Two Coats of Paint newsletter service
$150 = A studio visit with an artist
$250 = Utility bills, data storage, and trash fees for a month
$450 = An artist’s residency for one week
$500 = Editorial assistance for a week
$875 = Monthly office/residency space rent
$500 = A catalogue for the February 2017 exhibition of  2015-16 Two Coats of Paint resident artists and other art-related community initiatives.

To donate, click here.

The art world needs independent voices like Two Coats of Paint to cover contemporary painting, especially the exhibitions and events that other media may neglect or ignore. As daily newspapers cut art coverage and monthly art magazines consolidate, it’s all the more important for artists, curators, galleries, and collectors to work together to support the dialogue that sustains the workers in the art community.

Donations are completed quickly and efficiently online.

To those who have already donated to our campaign: THANK YOU!

Sharon Butler

P.S. Contributors who give more than $100 will receive the new Two Coats of Paint multi-tasking coffee mug. Good for coffee, tea, whiskey, holding pencils, saving tacks, and, of course, washing brushes. Every studio needs at least one.

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