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Carolyn Case: The mythic and the mundane

Contributed by William Eckhardt Kohler / The more I look at the paintings by Carolyn Case in her show “Homemade Tattoo,” on view at Asya Geisberg through October 14, the more surprising I find them. Defying spatial orientation, they slip and slide, sideways, up and down. Identifiable and abstract forms fly […]


Bushwick Open Studios 2017– from Bogart to Troutman

Contributed by William Eckhardt Kohler / The printed studio maps were already gone by early Saturday afternoon–a good indication of the popularity of Bushwick Open Studios–so I simply started at 56 Bogart and made my way to 17-17 Troutman, stopping at studios I found along the way. In open-studio walks, the art […]