Willa’s Commencement, Chapter Two

In her second installment of “Willa’s Commencement,” Two Coats intern Willa Köerner moves from New York to San Francisco where she looks for a job and considers how to make art on a shoestring. Reinvention and Relocation: The Great Post-Grad Challengeby Willa Köerner The components that contribute to the making of a successful artist are … read more… “Willa’s Commencement, Chapter Two”


Willa’s Commencement

I’d like to introduce readers to Willa Köerner, the new Two Coats of Paint intern. Willa just earned her a BFA from Vassar College and, in addition to helping out around HQ, she has agreed to write “Willa’s Commencement,” a regular post about her experiences as a fledgling artist. Remember what it was like when … read more… “Willa’s Commencement”