Celmins painting slasher sentenced in Pittsburgh

Remember last year when a former guard at the Carnegie Museum of Art slashed a Vija Celmins painting? Timur Serebrykov, 28, who slashed Night Sky 2 because he didn’t like the painting, was sentenced yesterday to house arrest and ordered to pay $245,000 and wear an electronic monitoring device for 11 to 23 months. He … read more… “Celmins painting slasher sentenced in Pittsburgh”

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Four artists on Morandi: Irwin, Celmins, McCleary, Barth

In the LA Times Leah Ollman asks Robert Irwin, Veja Celmins, Dan McCleary and Uta Barth how Morandi’s paintings have influenced their work. Robert Irwin: We put on a Morandi show at Ferus. We were trying to explain to some people what a so-called abstract painting was about, and what Abstract Expressionism was all about. … read more… “Four artists on Morandi: Irwin, Celmins, McCleary, Barth”

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