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Valeri Larko: Industrial plein air

Valeri Larko, “Third Avenue Bridge,” 2008, 30″ x 55,” oil on linen. Valeri Larko, “Rusting Gantries, Bronx,” 2008, 30″x50,” oil on linen. Valeri Larko, “Pier, Bronx,” 2007, 20″ x 62,” oil on linen. While attending art school in New Jersey Valeri Larko began painting plein air landscapes and soon turned […]


Upcoming shows: Inside and out

“HOME,” Westport Arts Center Main Gallery April 3 – June 1, 2009Westport Arts Center’s exhibition HOME, curated by Eric Aho, features paintings and drawings that touch on the mental, physical and emotional connections to home. According to Aho, “These artists point out that the range of our associations with ‘home’ […]