Tag: Unstretched

Solo Shows

Lauren Luloff: Absorbed into color

Contributed by Erin Yerby / Lauren Luloff’s semi-transparent panels of silk, in their very stillness, betray a slight flutter of movement like “a winged creature that flits from one form to the next.” These windowed-openings onto swaths of spiraling color, seem to approach what Walter Benjamin described as the child’s […]

Museum Exhibitions

Eric N. Mack and Vivian Suter: How to fill a space

By Kristen Clevenson / Eric N. Mack‘s exhibition “Lemme walk across the room“ at the Brooklyn Museum and Vivian Suter’s eponymous show at Gladstone Gallery are ostensibly similar. Both artists have completely transformed white cube spaces with thoughtfully hung, colorful, unstretched artworks. Mack’s installation, both commanding and purposeful, remains an assembly of individual […]