Louise Nevelson: Working small

At Modern Art Notes, Tyler Green reports that art museums are better positioned to weather a recession than other non-profits. “Food banks need to keep buying food, but art museums typically already have art — and they usually have art that isn’t on view and that could be. At a time of budgetary pressure, any … read more… “Louise Nevelson: Working small”

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Bouncing blogger Regina Hackett

Regina Hackett, the longtime art critic at the Seattle P-I, which recently laid off all but twenty staffers and ceased publishing a print edition, has joined Lee Rosenbaum (CultureGrrl) over at Arts Journal, the daily digest of arts news and commentary. Hackett and Arts Journal’s editor Douglas McLennan used to work together when he was … read more… “Bouncing blogger Regina Hackett”


Painting sympsium at The Phillips Collection in DC

On Saturday, September 27, artists, art historians and critics will be jawing about state of painting. “Although widely proclaimed dead in the 1980s, painting has returned to prominence in recent years.” Participants include Yve-Alain Bois (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton), Spencer Finch (Artist, Brooklyn, New York), Jonathan Fineberg (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Blake Gopnik (The … read more… “Painting sympsium at The Phillips Collection in DC”

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MoMA hires Ann Temkin as Chief Curator of Painting and Sculpture

In the NYTimes, Carol Vogel reports that the Museum of Modern Art has chosen one of its own curators, Ann Temkin, to succeed John Elderfield, who retired as chief curator of painting and sculpture in July. “Ms. Temkin said that one of her priorities would be to ‘change our viewers’ experience in many ways,’ especially … read more… “MoMA hires Ann Temkin as Chief Curator of Painting and Sculpture”

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Paul Campbell’s larger-than-life social networking pics

Blogger Tyler Green isn’t the only one contemplating Facebook self-portraits lately. New York-based artist, Paul Campbell is also wondering what compels the 70 million active Facebook users to pick, or not pick, a particular profile picture.”It’s this aspect that people choose this one image that really fascinates me,” said Campbell, who has an upcoming exhibition … read more… “Paul Campbell’s larger-than-life social networking pics”

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Modern Art Notes: All Amy Sillman all the time

At Modern Art Notes, Tyler Green dedicates the week to New York painter Amy Sillman, who currently has a show at the Hirshhorn in DC. “There are no shortage of sources in Sillman’s paintings. While many abstract artists love to hide the quarries they mined — such as how Clyfford Still spent decades denying and … read more… “Modern Art Notes: All Amy Sillman all the time”

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Dallas: David Bates paints Katrina’s victims

David Granberry at the Dallas Morning News writes about David Bates, whose recent paintings presented at Dunn and Brown Contemporary depict the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The majority of the paintings consist solely of human faces, and remind me of haunting Max Beckmann figures combined with Marsden Hartley landscapes. The individuals portrayed appear overcome with … read more… “Dallas: David Bates paints Katrina’s victims”

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Homework assignment: Art Blogger Survey

At Grammar.police, Kriston Capps invited art bloggers to answer the questions Peter Plagens formulated for his Art in America roundtable discussion about art blogs: “Of course the great advantage to the blogosphere over print media is its boundlessness,” Kriston writes. “After reading the Art in America roundtable on art blogs by Peter Plagens, my one … read more… “Homework assignment: Art Blogger Survey”