Joanne Greenbaum’s story

Joanne Greenbaum’s studio. Courtesy of Anaba.   Joanne Greenbaum,”Untitled 2009,” oil and acrylic on canvas, 80 x 78 inches. Courtesy D’Amelio Terras In Time Out New York, T.J. Carlin talks to Joanne Greenbaum about painting and making the break from a day job. Here’s an excerpt. “After studying painting in undergrad school, I applied to a … read more… “Joanne Greenbaum’s story”

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Pioneering figurative painter Barkley Hendricks at the Studio Museum

T.J. Carlin reports in Time Out that Barkley Hendricks, who for the past thirty years has been a wry, beret-wearing presence in my town’s quiet art community, is long overdue for a retrospective. “I’m not sure if Barack Obama’s election had anything to do with it, but upon entering ‘Birth of the Cool,’ the Studio … read more… “Pioneering figurative painter Barkley Hendricks at the Studio Museum”

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