Alexis Rockman’s painterly turn at the Rose

In The Phoenix Greg Cook reports that Alexis Rockman, whose earlier work is often compared to the Museum of Natural History’s diorama painting, has adopted an “expressionist action-painting style while holding to the disasters-of-global-climate-change theme. These paintings from 2005 to ’07 are a catalogue of The Day After Tomorrow–style weather calamities: a truck chugging through … read more… “Alexis Rockman’s painterly turn at the Rose”

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Cook unwowed by Decordova Annual Exhibition of new New Englanders

In The Phoenix, Greg Cook writes that all the work in this year’s DeCordova Annual is “proficient, but nothing wows — or freaks you out. The exhibit can be grouped into variations on a theme: landscape as digital animation or a little garden; family memories as deadpan photos or cartoony paintings; technology in painting as … read more… “Cook unwowed by Decordova Annual Exhibition of new New Englanders”


Copeland, Logan, Huey at Allston Skirt

“Strangefolks,” Allston Skirt Gallery, Boston, MA. Through Feb. 16. ASG presents a three-person show of big paintings by John Copeland, Logan Grider and Elizabeth Huey. Each bring a peculiar, multi-faceted vision of a complex world to life in their art – a world that has perhaps gone over the deep-end, physically, psychologically, and technologically. They … read more… “Copeland, Logan, Huey at Allston Skirt”

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Writerartists in Cambridge

“The Writers’ Brush, an Exhibition of Art by Writers,” curated by Donald Friedman and Jon Wronski. Pierre Menard Gallery, Cambridge, MA. Through January 15. The first leg of the show took place in New York in September and October at Anita Shapolsky Gallery, and this incarnation is an expanded version of that event. In The … read more… “Writerartists in Cambridge”

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So are they really Jackson Pollocks?

“Pollock Matters,” curated by Ellen Landau. McMullen Museum of Art, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA. September 1-December 9. Geoff Edgers reports in the Boston Globe: “That’s a question, perhaps the question, surrounding the exhibition ‘Pollock Matters,’ which opens Saturday at Boston College’s McMullen Museum of Art. Though the show features about 170 pieces, including paintings, … read more… “So are they really Jackson Pollocks?”

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Those who can, teach

“Fitz Henry Lane & Mary Blood Mellen: Old Mysteries and New Discoveries,” curated by John Wilmerding. Cape Ann Historical Museum, Gloucester, MA. Through Sept. 16. Cate McQuaid reports in the Boston Globe: “A fascinating and provocative exhibit at the Cape Ann Historical Museum that compels viewers to compare works by Lane, a master of the … read more… “Those who can, teach”

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Somerville: Boston’s Williamsburg

Greg Cook reports in The Phoenix: “Boston art can often seem constipated. This is an academic, institutional city…Somerville, though, has become a bastion for the wild and woolly. One sign is the city’s public festivals: the Meet Under McGrath open-air dance party this past August, held under the godforsaken overpass where the McGrath Highway bridges … read more… “Somerville: Boston’s Williamsburg”

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The Provincetown beat

Provincetown, MA, unlike most tourist hotspots, has a serious gallery scene. Exhibitions, crammed full of paintings, change every two weeks. Openings are on Friday nights.Current listingsfrom the Provincetown Banner. Check out the American modernist painter Edwin Dickinson’s show at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum. Reviewed by Randi Hopkins in The Phoenix. Read more.

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At Boston’s Allston Skirt Gallery: a small, dark, and stinky slice of the art-world pie

In The Phoenix Sharon Steel writes about “Pull My Finger,” a new group show at the Allston Skirt Gallery, curated by artist Joe Zane: “Artists? They just live for slinging crap — it’s like some kind of unlimited paint supply that’s handy, cheap, and gets them controversy bonus points. Where would museum-worthy pieces like Andres … read more… “At Boston’s Allston Skirt Gallery: a small, dark, and stinky slice of the art-world pie”

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