Another World: Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibition

Alice Neel, “Degenerate Madonna,” (1930), Oil on canvas. 31 × 24 inches. © The Estate of Alice Neel, courtesy David Zwirner, New York. Although there was a no censorship policy, Neel’s painting, above, was deemed inappropriate at the inaugural exhibition and was turned toward the wall when a nearby Church complained. My story in the … read more… “Another World: Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibition”

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The Slow Inevitable Death of American Muscle

In the latest issue of The Brooklyn Rail I look at Jonathan Schipper’s installation at The Boiler. What a great idea. Artist Jonathan Schipper, with vital help from engineer Karl Biewald, manages to transform a car-crash into an observable work of art by slowing it way, way down. Two bygone muscle cars (a Camaro and … read more… “The Slow Inevitable Death of American Muscle”

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Growing up Wright

For the June issue of The Brooklyn Rail, my review of the Frank Lloyd Wright show at the Guggenheim veers into a personal essay about how individuals (specifically me) have been affected by Wright’s groundbreaking notions about design and space. Here’s an excerpt. “…Wright is justifiably considered a visionary. Yet in a post-modern retrospective moment, … read more… “Growing up Wright”

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Alex Katz on supersizing

In The Brooklyn Rail, Phong Bui talks with Alex Katz about his paintings and process. In this excerpt, Katz explains his early decision to scale up. “When I started to paint directly from nature, the paintings were focused behind my head. Somehow I understood how to put paint in focus just instinctively. Also, it may … read more… “Alex Katz on supersizing”

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Louise Fishman: Ignoring aesthetic wanderlust

In the May issue of The Brooklyn Rail I take a look at Louise Fishman’s recent show at Cheim & Read. When I saw the show, I had the same feeling I had at Susan Rothenberg‘s recent show and had to write about it. Here’s an excerpt from the review. “In stark counterpoint to the … read more… “Louise Fishman: Ignoring aesthetic wanderlust”

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Roberta Smith on art theory: “It’s not useful to most people”

Roberta Smith recently visited Rail Consulting Editor, Irving Sandler, at his home to talk about her life and work. Here’s my favorite part of their chat, which was published in the April issue of The Brooklyn Rail.Rail: Does art theory inform your work? And what do you think of the academic criticism that’s being written … read more… “Roberta Smith on art theory: “It’s not useful to most people””


Matvey Levenstein and Phong Bui

While preparing for his one-person exhibition at Larissa Goldston Gallery, on view from through May 9th, Matvey Levenstein stopped by Brooklyn Rail HQ to talk to publisher Phong Bui about his life and work. Here’s an excerpt from their conversation.Rail: When did photography come into your process? Levenstein: It was probably around 92-93. I was … read more… “Matvey Levenstein and Phong Bui”

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Rail Review: The Mood Back Home

I wrote about The Mood Back Home, an exhibition at Momenta Art for the April issue of The Brooklyn Rail. Here’s an excerpt. “Immediately confronting visitors to The Mood Back Home, a thoughtful and evocative group exhibition organized by Suzy Spence and Leslie Brack at Momenta Art, is Jessica Jackson Hutchins’s 70s-vintage spring-mounted hobby horse, … read more… “Rail Review: The Mood Back Home”

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Last chance: Peter Doig

In The Brooklyn Rail, Greg Lindquist looks at Peter Doig’s new large-scale paintings, which are up until tomorrow at Gavin Brown and Michael Werner. “While Doig’s current work reflects his recent relocation to Trinidad and the unaccustomed imagery this has inspired, the paintings lack material presence. The canvases in these galleries are murky, thin (the … read more… “Last chance: Peter Doig”

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The artworld on Facebook: A primer

What’s so good about Facebook? Most art bloggers will tell you it’s a good way to connect with the people who read their blogs. They were at the forefront of innovative social networking in the artosphere, and began setting up their Facebook profile pages back in early 2007, shortly after Facebook lifted the requirement that … read more… “The artworld on Facebook: A primer”