Seattle studio visits: Arnold, Molenkamp, Offenbacher

I’m wrapping up my Seattle posts today with work by Sharon Arnold, Ryan Molenkamp, Matthew Offenbacher, and a couple gallery visits. Referencing “women’s work,” which is traditionally undervalued and often ignored, Sharon Arnold‘s projects involve hours of tedious, repetitive labor such as cutting small shapes from hundreds of sheets of paper, or hand stitching yarn … read more… “Seattle studio visits: Arnold, Molenkamp, Offenbacher”


At the University of Washington: Travis Davis Smith and Andrew Dadson

The University of Washington runs the biggest art program in Seattle, and when I was out there last week, first-year MFA student Travis Davis Smith picked me up at the airport and took me to the MFA studios, which are housed in an old navy base. Smith is working on small-scale sculptures created by arranging … read more… “At the University of Washington: Travis Davis Smith and Andrew Dadson”

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Seattle studio visit: Robert Hardgrave and friends

Working intuitively and responding to the process as it unfolds, Robert Hardgrave tries to stay out of the way and let the paintings make themselves. After a kidney transplant in 2003, his work, which fuses mysticism, Inuit iconography, surrealism, and abstraction, began to reveal insights about life, death, and the richness of everything in between. … read more… “Seattle studio visit: Robert Hardgrave and friends”


Seattle studio visit: Cable Griffith

Cable Griffith, the Gallery Director at Cornish College of the Arts, paints peculiar worlds, full of familiar elements such as trees, lakes, hills, and skies stacked in odd, architectural structures that recall Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s Tower of Babel. Rounded Guston-esque forms combined with hard-edge geometry, cryptographic linework, and precise color mixing create images of … read more… “Seattle studio visit: Cable Griffith”


Seattle Report: Studio visit with Robert Yoder

Last week I flew out to Seattle where I saw “SQUEEZE HARD (Hold that Thought),” a two-person show I’m in at SEASON, Robert Yoder’s home-based gallery near UDub, and to participate in a discussion about arts writing at Cornish College of the Arts that was organized by Cable Griffith. I visited several artists studios, and … read more… “Seattle Report: Studio visit with Robert Yoder”



If I were going to get a studio space in DC, I’d get one at 52 O Street, where I went to Open Studios this past weekend. The place reminds me of a sewing factory (now converted to fancy retail) on the Chinatown/Little Italy border where I lived when I first moved to New York. … read more… “STUDIO VISIT: 52 O Street”


Report from Nashville

Adrienne Outlaw, the wonderfully creative director of Nashville Cultural Arts Project and Seed Space, a non-profit exhibition and project initiative, invited me to Nashville last week to speak at the “Insight? Outta Site!” lecture series and to visit artists’ studios. Funded by a Tennessee Arts Commission”s Arts Build Communities grant, the conversation took place at … read more… “Report from Nashville”


Social practice: Austin Thomas and Julie Torres

I stopped by Austin Thomas’s studio yesterday where she and Julie Torres were deep into a twelve-hour artmaking session.  Austin works on a large sketchbook at her desk, which is cluttered with 3-dimensional collage pieces made with scraps from her sketchbooks.  Julie arranges a grid of paper on the floor then paints them in a … read more… “Social practice: Austin Thomas and Julie Torres”


Exchanging studio visits with Joan Waltemath

The south wall of Joan Waltemath’s studio. After I posted a few images of my work on Facebook, I received a thoughtful note from Joan Waltemath, painter, writer and Director of the Hoffberger School of Painting MFA program at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Discovering common ground in our painting practices, we decided to … read more… “Exchanging studio visits with Joan Waltemath”


Exchanging studio visits with Kadar Brock

A few weeks ago, Kadar Brock and I exchanged studio visits. I alluded to the meaning inherent in how an object is made and how materials are used, and Kadar explained some of the ideas that infuse his work, like magic and Eastern philosophy. On the shelf beneath Kadar’s paint table is a pile of … read more… “Exchanging studio visits with Kadar Brock”