Gregory Amenoff: Inside and Out

Contributed by Stephen Westfall / American abstraction was born in the landscape. Arthur Dove and Georgia O’Keeffe seem to have got there before anyone else, trailing plowed fields, banks of clouds, and zigzag lightning bolts into visual rhythms that verge onto geometric patterning without losing touch with a dream-like memory of forest, field and weather. … read more… “Gregory Amenoff: Inside and Out”


Paintings at at Lennon, Weinberg: “Taking Shape”

Frank Holliday reviews the show in the Gay City News: “Painting is not very suited to today’s pace. We live on quick fixes and instant consumerism. Painting takes a long time to harness before convention can be fearlessly thrown out and deeper, profoundly abandoned subjects can emerge.” Read more. “Shape is a word that refers … read more… “Paintings at at Lennon, Weinberg: “Taking Shape””

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