Art fairs: Satellite and NADA, 2016

Contributed by Sharon Louden / On Friday, I spent almost three hours at the Satellite Art Fair and returned for another half hour on Saturday. It was like having about 20 studio visits; all of the conversations were substantive. At Satellite, there was a wide range of work on display, but what was most refreshing about the experience was … read more… “Art fairs: Satellite and NADA, 2016”

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Miami: A different place than last year

Contributed by Sharon Louden / Thank you, Sharon Butler, for giving me the opportunity to be a guest contributor from the art fairs in Miami Beach this week. I started with Pulse, Untitled and Art Basel Miami Beach. Like many in the art community, given the current political climate and all that’s happening in the world, my … read more… “Miami: A different place than last year”


Artist-run @ Satellite in Miami

Contributed by guest correspondent Sharon Louden / As this is my last post for Two Coats of Paint, I’ll go out with a bang — a lot of painting from various places! One of my assignments was to attend Satellite “the alternative exhibition featuring 50+ art organizations.” With so many things to see, I was … read more… “Artist-run @ Satellite in Miami”


A selection from NO MAN’S LAND, Untitled, and ABMB

Contributed by guest correspondent Sharon Louden  / I love being a guest contributor–blogging is a good challenge, and having the opportunity to share images of the work that inspires me makes it worth the effort. As promised, today I am posting more images from the Untitled Art Fair and Art Basel, and a selection of … read more… “A selection from NO MAN’S LAND, Untitled, and ABMB”

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“Untitled–the best fair in Miami Beach”

Contributed by guest correspondent Sharon Louden / Today, I ventured out to Untitled, a curated art fair which I believe is by far the leading art fair in Miami Beach. Each year the quality of the work is high and the viewing, from the lighting to the selection of galleries and the work that they … read more… ““Untitled–the best fair in Miami Beach””

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Sharon Louden finds color and abstraction at Pulse and Art Basel Miami

Contributed by guest correspondent Sharon Louden / To acclimate myself to the massive quantity of work at the art fairs in Miami Beach, I thought I would dip my toes in at the Pulse Art Fair. I have noticed a lot of color and abstraction, which permeate the fair. I was particularly drawn to the … read more… “Sharon Louden finds color and abstraction at Pulse and Art Basel Miami”


Big plans: The 2015 Miami fairs

HELL YES, the Miami art fairs are just around the corner! As usual, Art Basel Miami Beach–the biggest of the fairs, with 250 of the most affluent international galleries in attendance–will set up shop in the Miami Beach Convention Center from December 3-6. The smaller fairs–Scope Miami, Miami Project, PULSE Miami Beach, NADA, Fridge, Art … read more… “Big plans: The 2015 Miami fairs”

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Sharon Louden’s animated drawings in Philadelphia

In the Philadelphia Inquirer, Edith Newhall writes about Sharon Louden’s installation at Gallery Joe: If you’ve seen Sharon Louden’s paintings and drawings, you’ve noticed how her transparent, pudgy, colored lines look as if they’re zipping and morphing across their all-white backgrounds like so many kids set loose on a playground, shifting from a simple stroke … read more… “Sharon Louden’s animated drawings in Philadelphia”

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Sharon Louden lights up Birmingham

In The Birmingham News Michael Huebner reports that The Birmingham Museum of Art has commissioned New York artist Sharon Louden to create 12 paintings that will connect the museum with its outdoor sculpture garden. As well as the 13×13-inch paintings, the exhibition, ‘Taking Turns,’ will include video animation and LED cable. Before the Sept. 28 … read more… “Sharon Louden lights up Birmingham”

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