Abts’ traction

My contribution to the May issue of The Brooklyn Rail is a review of the New Museum’s Tomma Abts show. “For Abts, honesty and sincerity are guiding principles. In a conversation with Peter Doig reprinted in the museum’s exhibition brochure, she unabashedly admits that her process is intuitive, and that she can’t explain why or … read more… “Abts’ traction”

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Studio update: Habitat For Artists

Simon Draper has recently invited me to participate in “Habitat for Artists,” a site-specific, collaborative exhibition project in Beacon, NY. Draper, who is interested in concepts regarding habitat and shelter in his own art practice, will provide each artist with a basic 6ft. by 6ft. wood shed, to be considered as an artist’s habitat/workspace throughout … read more… “Studio update: Habitat For Artists”

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America’s Lessness

My contribution to the April issue of The Brooklyn Rail considers the notion of readymade color, the implications of the current Whitney Biennial, and the fleeting nature of symbolic and political meaning. “At the Museum of Modern Art, the current exhibition ‘Color Chart: Reinventing Color, 1950 to Today’ examines two separate but related meanings of … read more… “America’s Lessness”

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Non-bombastic: Blue and white, red

The fiercely-contested presidential election, energized by the Iraq debate, is bombarding us with patriotic imagery: the waving flags, the campaign buses plastered with candidate logos and slogans, the stars and stripes on bumper stickers all over town. I’m frustrated by the iconographic baggage imposed on cadmium red, titanium white and ultramarine blue. It’s difficult to … read more… “Non-bombastic: Blue and white, red”


Art Bloggers @ Red Dot

Artbloggers @ Red Dot, Sunday, March 3010:00 to noonEvent blog: ArtBloggers@Who are all these bloggers? Joanne Mattera and I have organized an informal panel discussion during the Armory Fairs, and we hope all the curious bloggers (and blog readers) will stop by and take part in the dialogue.Confirmed panelists include:• Edward Winkleman• Carol Diehl, Art … read more… “Art Bloggers @ Red Dot”

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Tracking proto-feminist Loren MacIver

Check out my article about Loren MacIver in The Brooklyn Rail’s March issue.“In my first college painting course, which I took several years after completing an art history degree, my teacher Arnold Trachtman said that my painting of the bathroom sink reminded him of Loren MacIver’s work. I had no idea who she was, and … read more… “Tracking proto-feminist Loren MacIver”

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Miami Beach: Swimming in pigment

Here’s an excerpt from my report on the Art Basel Miami Beach experience in the recently released February issue of The Brooklyn Rail.“To feed Two Coats of Paint, my daily blog about painting, I comb the Internet for art reviews and commentary from all over the world. It’s an enriching process but not very tactile: … read more… “Miami Beach: Swimming in pigment”

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IMHO: The super-sizing of American museums

At The American Prospect, check out my take on the current infatuation with art museum expansion. “American art museums are experiencing an unprecedented growth spurt, from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston to the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento to smaller museums elsewhere. Museum directors argue that the expansions will better serve the public’s … read more… “IMHO: The super-sizing of American museums”

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IMHO: Gallery for Rent in Connecticut

Alva Gallery has always been about both contemporary art and a commitment to the city of New London, Connecticut. Unfortunately, after trying to cultivate an art market for nine years and barely breaking even, Alva Greenberg has decided to close shop and pursue other interests. I stopped by the gallery on Saturday to check out … read more… “IMHO: Gallery for Rent in Connecticut”

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IMHO: Artists Retreat

In the October issue of The Brooklyn Rail, you can find my essay that explores how an art market crash might affect rank and file artists. “With the economy slowing down, hedge funds getting shaky, and investors seeking refuge, the art market seems certain to contract in a big way. ‘We’ve seen an unprecedented appreciation … read more… “IMHO: Artists Retreat”

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