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Solo Shows

Jack Tworkov: Laying down line

Contributed by Sharon Butler / In the 1960s, Jack Tworkov began to feel as if he had taken Ab-Ex gestural abstraction as far as it could go without repeating himself. Reluctant to keep making paintings in which the once wild and expressive brushstroke would appear a predictable go-to move determined […]

Solo Shows

Martin Kline: Tempered by discipline

Contributed by Sharon Butler / Martin Kline’s meticulous and thoughtful abstractions, on view at Heather Gaudio Fine Art, are deceptively simple. At first glance, they might appear merely technically accomplished and visually striking. Drill down a little, though, and they recall the action of Jackson Pollock’s drip paintings and the […]

Solo Shows

Mira Schor: Insistently personal

Contributed by Sharon Butler / Mira Schor’s galvanizingly insistent new paintings continue her exploration of self and the disembodied mind. Many painters traffic in purposeful ambiguity, using metaphor and abstraction to leave meaning-making for the viewer. Schor’s work, however, is not mysterious or enigmatic: her intention is to tell us […]


Images: Danielle Dimston

Contributed by Sharon Butler / Danielle Dimston’s sublime watercolor images have an ethereal, other-worldly quality, as if they were the visual manifestations of a deeply meditative state. In her exhibition at Municipal Bonds, much of the work, spanning the last twelve years, focuses on creating the illusion of light through […]

Fundraising Updates

Two Coats Year-end Fundraising Campaign, 2020

Now that the presidential election is over and 2020 is drawing to a close, we have begun our annual year-end fundraising campaign. Two Coats of Paint began publishing in 2007, and this past year, thanks to your generous tax-deductible contributions and ongoing support from our advertisers, social media services clients, and the Two Trees Cultural […]


Michelle Vaughan presents forty conservative women

Contributed by Sharon Butler / Walking into Michelle Vaughan’s show at Theodore:Art, visitors are confronted with a small oak bookcase, desk, and chair in the center of the gallery. The walls are lined with forty framed portraits of notable conservative women, meticulously rendered in faded pastels on gray paper, that […]


Portraits of a president

Contributed by Sharon Butler / CNN reported that the official portraits of former Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton have been removed from the Grand Foyer of the White House and replaced with portraits of Presidents William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt. The Grand Foyer, where visitors to the White […]


Two Coats Selected Gallery Guide: Summer 2020

Does time exist if there aren’t activities and events to fill it up? According to Aristotle and other philosophers, no. Time is inexorably connected to the things embedded in it. While in Covid-19 lockdown, time passed surprisingly quickly. I learned to keep a schedule and relish, really to look forward […]


Quick study

Contributed by Sharon Butler / Once I finally dragged myself away from political news, there was a lot to learn. Here are links to some stories this month, from Cy Gavin’s powerful painting on the cover of ArtForum, bike riding in NYC, new graffiti, opportunity listings, a two-part online painting […]