Good vibrations: Peter Young paintings pulsate in P.S. 1 retrospective

“Peter Young: 1963-1977,” organized by Alanna Heiss and David Deutsch. P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center, Long Island City, Queens, NY. Through Sept. 24. “Peter Young: Folded Mandalas & Oaxacan Paintings,” Mitchell Algus Gallery, Chelsea, NY. Through Aug. 17. In the NYTimes, Roberta Smith reports: “By 1969 he was part of a generation that would tinker … read more… “Good vibrations: Peter Young paintings pulsate in P.S. 1 retrospective”

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NYTimes Friday art reviews: Alex Hay

Roberta Smith reviews: “Alex Hay’s paintings have always operated in the unlikely gap between modernist abstraction and a precise form of rendering that relates to both Pop Art and Photo Realism…This show takes him into new terrain with six paintings completed from 2003 to 2007, which get better as they go along. They are scaled-up … read more… “NYTimes Friday art reviews: Alex Hay”

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Martín Ramírez drawings at the San Jose Museum of Art

Kenneth Baker in the San Francisco Chronicle: “These days, art museums frequently introduce important exhibitions with orientation materials. They seldom enlist another institution to do it for them, as the San Jose Museum of Art has with its visually gripping exhibition ‘Martín Ramírez.’ Stop first at San Jose’s Mexican Heritage Plaza, where two large rooms … read more… “Martín Ramírez drawings at the San Jose Museum of Art”

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NYTimes Friday art reviews

Milton Avery watercolors and Sarah Peters drawings are reviewed in the NYTimes today. Roberta Smith on Sarah Peters: “In her first solo show, Sarah Peters breathes life into an obsession with the art and history of colonial America. The breath comes from a fidgety crosshatch technique rendered in pencil and black ballpoint pen that gives … read more… “NYTimes Friday art reviews”

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Wrangling over Rudolf Stingel

Leslie Camhi in the Village Voice: “Zigzagging between figuration and abstraction, his disparate oeuvre is filled with conceptual antics, optical pleasures, and abject traces of his melancholy presence…. At times visually dazzling, his work is also strangely off-putting—flirting on the one hand with decay, and on the other with pure decoration….There’s an emperor’s-new-clothes-ish quality to … read more… “Wrangling over Rudolf Stingel”

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Neo Rauch at the Met

Roberta Smith in the NYTimes: “Mr. Rauch’s dreams may be unlike any dreamed before, but they have not enabled him, as yet, to develop an individual style….The tendency of Mr. Rauch’s paintings to remain an assembly of more or less — or a lot less — interesting parts rather than resolving into convincing wholes is … read more… “Neo Rauch at the Met”

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