Robert Ryman: Creativity is a form of problem solving

In Bookforum, Arthur Danto reviews Suzanne P. Hudson’s Robert Ryman: Used Paint (October Books). “It is part of Robert Ryman’s legend that he is a self-taught artist. He moved to New York in 1952, at age twenty-two, to pursue a career in jazz. A year later, he took a job at the Museum of Modern … read more… “Robert Ryman: Creativity is a form of problem solving”


Ryman rejects his tidy inheritance

Cordy Ryman’s new abstract paintings, sculptures and installations at DCKT continue his playful exploration of paint, color, two-by-fours and wooden constructions. According to the gallery’s press release, Ryman is “manipulating and reconstituting an inherited visual language, and defining himself in relation to it.” Well, I doubt Cordy thinks that much about his inheritance (Merrill Wagner … read more… “Ryman rejects his tidy inheritance”


Last call for John Morris at D’Amelio Terras

Obviously a labor of love and obsession, Morris’ small paintings on wood are like an introverted mash-up of early Robert Ryman, James Sienna and some wacky Islamic pattern and decoration. The paradoxical knowing-ness and uncertainty of the hand-drawn line, the layered opacity/transparency of the surfaces, and the subtle color ooze painterly sophistication, and yet the … read more… “Last call for John Morris at D’Amelio Terras”

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