Providence report: Leigh Tarentino and Duane Slick

Iridescence is the unphotographable thread that runs through LeighTarentino‘s winter landscapes and Duane Slick‘s stripes and Coyotes on view at the Chazan Gallery in Providence. Tarentino’s shimmering night paintings depict houses, yards and gardens illuminated by artificial lights hung on solitary ornamental trees. Carefully drawn, the masked geometric shapes create containers for less controlled, unruly … read more… “Providence report: Leigh Tarentino and Duane Slick”

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IMAGES: Heather Leigh McPherson

Obsessive second-guessing, arguments with herself, and indecision all figure prominently in Heather Leigh McPherson’s painting process. A few weeks ago I stopped by her post-industrial-park Providence studio to check out her stunning new series of large-scale paintings. The brightly-colored, hovering mask-like images in her new work speak to the disconnect between who we are, who … read more… “IMAGES: Heather Leigh McPherson”


Providence report: Baziotes, Green, Bostrom, Myoda, Rubinstein…

My Instagram and Twitter friends know that I’ve been spending time in Providence this semester, where, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I’m teaching a course at Brown University about artists’ books–not the handbound, letterpress kind, but the type that are produced with digital tools and commercial printing processes. [Image above: One day I arrived to find … read more… “Providence report: Baziotes, Green, Bostrom, Myoda, Rubinstein…”