Two Pieros for Mary Hambleton

Contributed by Ken Buhler / One afternoon last summer I decided to go to the National Gallery in London. I was in upstate New York, idly turning the pages of a book of Italian paintings, when I came upon Piero Della Francesca’s Baptism. Its geometric perfection and its eloquence struck me full-on. The plan for the … read more… “Two Pieros for Mary Hambleton”


Pre-digital perspective

Roderick Conway Morris writes in the International Herald Tribune: “For most of his career Piero della Francesca pursued painting and mathematics with equal success. In his treatise “De prospectiva pingendi” (On Painting Perspective) he chided his fellow artists for not mastering the rules of scientific perspective.” Recent conservation of several works by Piero have stimulated … read more… “Pre-digital perspective”

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