Picasso: “Unless your picture goes wrong, it will be no good”

In the NY Times Roberta Smith writes that the show of late Picasso paintings at Gagosian proves that, in the main, Picasso only got better. “That’s the take-away from the staggering exhibition of Picasso’s late paintings and prints at the Gagosian Gallery. One of the best shows to be seen in New York since the … read more… “Picasso: “Unless your picture goes wrong, it will be no good””

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Picassify it

In the NY Times Carol Vogel wonders what Picasso was thinking during the final years of his life, when he was living in Notre-Dame-de-Vie on the French Riviera, obsessively producing images of musketeers and matadors, twisted couples and haunted women laced with obvious art-historical references or simply drawn from his fertile imagination. His unflagging confidence … read more… “Picassify it”

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Process trumps product for late blooming artists

In The New Yorker, Malcom Gladwell contributes an article about late bloomers in which he looks at David Galenson‘s research comparing the careers of Picasso and Cézanne. “The examples that Galenson could not get out of his head were Picasso and Cézanne. He was an art lover, and he knew their stories well. Picasso was … read more… “Process trumps product for late blooming artists”

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Performance project: Face painting

Twenty years of painting practice will finally be put to good use today when I paint kids’ faces during the fall festival at my daughter’s school. She nixed the idea of painting the kids to look like famous artwork (a Morandi still life, Picasso’s “Weeping Woman,” Ellsworth Kelly’s “Falcon,” etc.) and suggested I practice making … read more… “Performance project: Face painting”


Shipping Guernica

At Looking Around, Richard Lacayo has a good summary of the situation with Picasso’s “Guernica,” and a little history lesson about the Spanish Civil War to boot. “Probably the most famous work of art about wartime suffering, ‘Guernica’ has been for years at the center of a tug of war itself. Madrid has it. The … read more… “Shipping Guernica”

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