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Wartime and time warps in Obayashi’s Labyrinth of Cinema

Contributed by Paul D’Agostino / Nobuhiko Obayashi’s film Labyrinth of Cinema is, as billed, broadly, profoundly, and provocatively about war. He is best known for his epic War Trilogy. At the same time, the storied Japanese filmmaker’s final film – completed not long before he passed away at the age of 82 in April 2020 – is also a visually dazzling, pan-historical account of the ways and reasons for which films are made, viewed, critiqued, and recalled.

Film & Television

Poetic Pursuits: The Truffle Hunters

Contributed by Paul D’Agostino / A few foragers gathered in a middle-grounded clearing in a forest, conversing casually as their dogs sniff and shuffle excitedly at their feet. A man in a tub in a cream-of-pink tiled bathroom scrubbing his soap-cloaked pup as he bathes himself. A lone walker in […]


Fiction: Consummate Saturday [Paul D’Agostino]

“Consummate Saturday” A short story by Paul Da’Agostino Mina’s fourth and final bout of existence-racking pre-febrile dry heaves terminated at 4:37 on Saturday morning amid the mildew stains, strewn magazines and pubic squalor that adorned Davis’s loathsomely uncivil shared bathroom in a three-bedroom flat. Her supposedly latent and as-yet-undefined illness […]