Cordy Ryman’s itchy tactility and openendedness

Cordy Ryman, “Dudley!” 2010, acrylic & enamel on wood, 19 x 17 x 1 ¾” Cordy Ryman, “Waiting for Christopher,” 2010, acrylic & enamel on wood, screws – 23 pieces, dimensions variable: 87 x 6 1/4 x 2 3/4″ as installed w/ 17 pieces  Cordy Ryman, installation view. In the summer issue of Bomb, painter/critic … read more… “Cordy Ryman’s itchy tactility and openendedness”

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The French connection at Cheim & Read

Louise Fishman, “Violets For My Furs,” 2010, oil on jute, 50 x 42″ Jean Paul Riopelle (1923-2002), “Untitled,” circa 1967, oil on canvas, 10 1/2 x 7 1/2″   In the 1950s, while the NYC Abstract Expressionists approached painting like a theoretical chess game, often reducing their investigations to a single trope (Pollock–spatter, Rothko–Sfumato, etc.), … read more… “The French connection at Cheim & Read”


Mattera looks at shaped canvas: Pousette-Dart and Gorchov

Joanna Pousette-Dart’s show at Moti Hasson is down, but Joanne Mattera Art Blog has recently uploaded some pretty good images. “Pousette-Dart makes paintings that are chromatically gorgeous. The shapes are quirky, almost cartoony—like a Jetson’s version of ‘modern art’—but they’re elegant, with an almost italic flow. Correspondingly, a calligraphic gesture threads its way over the … read more… “Mattera looks at shaped canvas: Pousette-Dart and Gorchov”

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Ron Gorchov: Fields of color floating

Harry Swartz-Turfle of Daily Gusto reports on Ron Gorchov’s lecture at the Studio School. “Speaking at the NY Studio School last night, artist Ron Gorchov recalled seeing a frustrated painter friend kicking work off a balcony in the mid-1960s. At that moment it occurred to Gorchov that ‘It’s important to do something you really want … read more… “Ron Gorchov: Fields of color floating”

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