Measuring Marlene Dumas

Roberta Smith on Marlene Dumas: “The consistency of this show suggests an artist who settled too early into a style that needs further development. Stasis is disguised by shifting among various charged subjects that communicate gravity in shorthand. Ms. Dumas’s painting is only superficially painterly. The photographic infrastructure is usually too close to the surface, … read more… “Measuring Marlene Dumas”


“The wall drawing is a permanent installation, until destroyed”

After nearly six months of intensive drafting and painting by a team of some sixty-five artists and art students, “Sol LeWitt: A Wall Drawing Retrospective” is fully installed at Mass MOCA. Conceived by the Yale University Art Gallery in collaboration with the artist before his death in April 2007, the project has been undertaken by … read more… ““The wall drawing is a permanent installation, until destroyed””

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NY TImes Art in Review: Christian Vincent, PN&FP2

Christian Vincent: Runyon Canyon,” Mike Weiss, New York, NY. Through Aug. 16.Ken Johnson reports: “At a moment when articulately imaginative representational painting seems in short supply, it’s interesting to consider Christian Vincent’s mildly wacky works. Formerly a slick, realist painter of dreamy allegories in the Bo Bartlett mold, Mr. Vincent evidently has been transformed in … read more… “NY TImes Art in Review: Christian Vincent, PN&FP2”

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Two restoration tales: Ad Reinhardt and Imi Knoebel

In July issue of The Brooklyn Rail, I wrote about an Imi Knoebel installation at Dia:Beacon. The installation, billed as a restoration of Knoebel’s 1977 project “24 Colors–For Blinky,” was in fact a wholesale recreation of the enormous project. Preservation and restoration of Minimalist art is the subject of a small show currently on view … read more… “Two restoration tales: Ad Reinhardt and Imi Knoebel”


Wendy White: One more day

Tomorrow is the last day to see Wendy White’s show at Leo Koenig, Inc.–my apologies for not posting it sooner. White’s loud abstract language alludes to the bombardment of the everyday. Urban sprawl, space junk, graffiti, buried hazardous material, and the accumulation of refuse, punctuated by heavy black areas that map a direct trail from … read more… “Wendy White: One more day”

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Roberta Smith’s advice to young artists: Learn to paint

In the NY Times, Roberta Smith reports that the artists included in “How Soon Is Now?” the 28th version of the annual culmination of the Bronx Museum’s Artist in the Marketplace, or AIM, program for emerging artists, need to think more deeply about the art they’re making before they begin to address career advancement. “The … read more… “Roberta Smith’s advice to young artists: Learn to paint”


Holland Cotter says weird can be cool but….

Gavin Brown Enterprise and Maccarone released an interesting curatorial statement for their star-studded joint group show, “Pretty Ugly.” “When you wake up in the morning, walk into the bathroom, and look at yourself in the mirror-raising the toothbrush to your stinking mouth-do you feel pretty or ugly? Dried drool in the eyes of the beholder. … read more… “Holland Cotter says weird can be cool but….”

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NY Times Art in Review: Danica Phelps and Ata Kwami

“Danica Phelps,” Zach Feuer, New York, NY. Through July 18. Karen Rosenberg: “For the last decade Danica Phelps has chronicled her personal and financial lives with an exhaustive system of lists and charts accompanied by diagrams of colored stripes. In this show, her fifth at the gallery, she clears the decks. “I would rather remember … read more… “NY Times Art in Review: Danica Phelps and Ata Kwami”

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Art in America gets a makeover

In the NY Times Randy Kennedy reports that the longtime editor of Art in America magazine, Elizabeth C. Baker is stepping down. “Peter M. Brant, a newsprint magnate and art collector, took over Brant Publications, the magazine’s publisher, in January after buying out the 50 percent stake owned by his former wife, Sandra Brant. Mr. … read more… “Art in America gets a makeover”

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Marlene Dumas: Contented Bohemian

In the NY Times Magazine Deborah Soloman profiles Marlene Dumas. “‘I never learned to ride a bicycle, and it is too late now,’ Dumas told me with a hint of pride, before going on to list her other negative achievements. ‘I never learned to drive. I never learned to swim.’ At 54, Dumas is a … read more… “Marlene Dumas: Contented Bohemian”

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