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Harold Pinter: On beginning and ending

Paco Pomet, “Storytelling,” 2008, oil on Linen, 110 x 130 cms. Larissa Bates, “Untitled (After Nicolas Poussin),” 2008, acryla gouache and ink on canvas, 8 by 10 inches. Here’s an excerpt from Harold Pinter‘s 2005 Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech that Monya Rowe includes in the press release for “Our Beginnings […]


Monya Rowe: Doubtfully optimistic? Optimistically doubtful?

Monya Rowe is presenting a group show, ‘Perception as Object,” which originally stemmed from the anticipation surrounding the recent presidential election and the current post-election uncertainty. The work in the show investigates how individuals perceive and interpret objects and ideas differently, and that sounds like a pretty good theme even […]


NY TImes Art in Review: Larissa Bates

In the NY Times, Karen Rosenberg wonders why Larissa Bates, whose small ink-and-gouache paintings are guys-only versions of Darger’s impish, militant Vivian Girls, wasn’t included in the Henry Darger show at American Folk Art Museum. “In the ‘MotherMen’ series, centaurlike creatures give birth in the woods. The ‘Lederhosen Boys,’ young […]


Angela Dufresne: Immediately from life

Angela Dufresne’s work is included in “Get up off our Knees” at Monya Rowe through June 7th, and presented in a solo show, “Twilight of Mice and Men,” at the Kinkead Contemporary in Los Angeles. In the Huffington Post Kimberly Brooks features Dufresne in her weekly “First Person Artist” column. […]