Gary Hume’s hospital doors

Twenty years after Gary Hume emerged onto the British art scene with his Door Paintings, Modern Art Oxford presents the first survey of the series. In ArtForum Ana Finel Honigman writes that Hume’s seemingly simple and potentially constrictive conceit (all the paintings are lifesize copies of institutional hospital doors) offers access to a surprisingly wide … read more… “Gary Hume’s hospital doors”

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Critics weigh in on Stella Vine’s show at Modern Art Oxford

In the Telegraph, Richard Dorment reports a change of heart about Stella Vine’s paintings: “Imagine my amazement to discover that there is something to Vine’s work after all. True, in terms of the way she actually applies paint to canvas, she isn’t a beautiful or exciting artist in the way that, say, Elizabeth Peyton or … read more… “Critics weigh in on Stella Vine’s show at Modern Art Oxford”

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