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Why doesn’t activist art reflect our complex reality?

In New York, Jerry Saltz suggests that activist artists like Martha Rosler should stop recycling the well-worn tropes from the 1960s, move beyond the simplistic polarities of earlier political art, and begin to address our complex, contemporary reality with deeper insight and more nuance. “In the late sixties, Martha Rosler […]


Chris Martin’s dare at Mitchell-Innes & Nash

“Chris Martin,” Mitchell-Innes & Nash, New York, NY. Through March 1. Chris Martin investigates color, form and texture, ranging from bold and graphic to gestural and expressionistic. The surfaces are often distressed or collaged with elements including shellacked Wonder Bread, broken vinyl records and papier mâché forms. Martin, thoroughly engaged […]


David Godbold’s mirthless mirth

Ben Davis dissects David Godbold’s snarky exhibition in artnet today. “Contemporary art is universally irreverent, but most often none too funny. This observation is particularly striking when one considers the fact that a lot of it, particularly that inspired by Big Daddy Marcel Duchamp, owes its very being to the […]