Rothko edits Rothko

In The Independent Claire Dwyer Hoggs talks to Chris Rothko, Mark Rothko‘s son and editor of The Artist’s Reality: Philosophies of Art, a new book of his father’s writing. “‘People imagine my father had a glamorous existence, but he lived mainly in slums,’ Christopher says, as he settles into his chair. Mark Rothko’s best-known paintings … read more… “Rothko edits Rothko”

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Rothko’s Chapel: Everyone’s missing the suicidal artist’s point

In The Guardian Jonathan Jones reports that his visit to the Rothko Chapel in Houston left him impressed, but troubled that Rothko‘s project is so clearly misunderstood by all the religious groups who meet there. “Locals use this place. In fact, they love it. They come not just as tourists but to meditate, pray, and … read more… “Rothko’s Chapel: Everyone’s missing the suicidal artist’s point”

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