Noticing and being noticed: an interview with Lisa Corinne Davis

Contributed by Sangram Majumdar / Lisa Corinne Davis, whose solo is on view at Pamela Salisbury through November 2, is an abstract painter known for her engaging explorations of map imagery, codes, and drawing systems. Recently she has been thinking about the destablization resulting from Covid, politics, and the current cultural focus on race and … read more… “Noticing and being noticed: an interview with Lisa Corinne Davis”

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Nancy Graves: Sorting the cosmic haze

Contributed by Jason Andrew / In 1959, British scientist and novelist C.P. Snow, struck by the inability of intellectuals and scientists to communicate and thereby to make sense of and tame nuclear weapons, delivered a lecture at Cambridge arguing that the divide between the sciences and the humanities was intensifying world’s problems. Two Cultures and … read more… “Nancy Graves: Sorting the cosmic haze”