Ashley Bickerton’s exotic fruit

Bali-based Bickerton hires models and actors, paints directly on their faces and bodies, then photographs them. The images are then altered digitally, printed on canvas, and painted some more. Each is then stretched, and displayed in a hand-carved, elaborately decorated frame. In The Village Voice, Leslie Camhi says Bickerton’s eight remarkable paintings depict an inner … read more… “Ashley Bickerton’s exotic fruit”

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Billy Sullivan’s painted portraits

“Billy Sullivan,” Guild Hall, East Hampton, NY. Through October 14. Leslie Camhi reports in The Village Voice: “Billy Sullivan’s extensive photographic archive forms the basis for his recent paintings, which are the major news here, rendered in loose brushwork and sometimes jewel-toned colors. ‘Sirpa’ and her breakfast return in them, alongside other muses: androgynous Missy … read more… “Billy Sullivan’s painted portraits”

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Wrangling over Rudolf Stingel

Leslie Camhi in the Village Voice: “Zigzagging between figuration and abstraction, his disparate oeuvre is filled with conceptual antics, optical pleasures, and abject traces of his melancholy presence…. At times visually dazzling, his work is also strangely off-putting—flirting on the one hand with decay, and on the other with pure decoration….There’s an emperor’s-new-clothes-ish quality to … read more… “Wrangling over Rudolf Stingel”

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