Roger Herman’s paintings from the 80s in LA

In the LAWeekly, Doug Harvey’s fall preview kicks off with an image of “Auditorium,” a 1987, 8′ x 12′ painting by Roger Herman(pictured above). A show of Herman’s paintings from the 1980s opens at the Jancar Gallery this Saturday. Born in 1947 in the Saarland, Germany, Herman studied at the Kunstakademie in Karlsruhe from 1972 … read more… “Roger Herman’s paintings from the 80s in LA”

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Tomory Dodge turns viscous brushwork into levitating clutter

Christopher Miles reports in the LA Weekly (didn’t we all have enough of New York last week?) that Tomory Dodge paints with a kind of verve “no doubt fed by digital culture, sci-fi, ‘post-abstract’ painting and the punk, new-wave and hip-hop music that fuel his age rather than the ashcan/surrealism/tragedy/jazz diet his AbEx predecessors noshed … read more… “Tomory Dodge turns viscous brushwork into levitating clutter”

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Saul, Brown, and Shaw: Invoking creative craftsmanship over formulaic novelty

In LA Weekly, Doug Harvey reports that curating isn’t always as easy as it looks. “It’s rare to find a group of concurrent solo projects that genuinely complement one another — just because two artists happen to use images of trees or refer to cartography or have Photoshop doesn’t necessarily mean their work will have … read more… “Saul, Brown, and Shaw: Invoking creative craftsmanship over formulaic novelty”

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Doug Harvey’s untidy whatever

LA Weekly art critic Doug Harvey has a show up at the Los Angeles Valley College Art Gallery this month. LAVC Dean of Arts Dennis Reed writes that Harvey’s work is lively, slyly humorous, wryly hip, and at times crude. “These works exhibit the wit of an art world insider who chooses to appear at … read more… “Doug Harvey’s untidy whatever”

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Painting for umpteen years: Lutes and Dill in LA

In the LAWeekly, Peter Frank’s picks this week include Jim Lutes and Laddie John Dill. “Gloriously elaborate and hermetic, Jim Lutes’ invariably small paintings — currently rendered in that most ancient of painting media, egg tempera — are also radiantly, insouciantly gnarly in their cartoonishly but viscerally strange imagery. The denseness and obsessiveness of Lutes’ … read more… “Painting for umpteen years: Lutes and Dill in LA”

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Marie Thibeault’s extravagant wreckage in LA

In the LA Weekly Doug Harvey reports that Thibeault was riveted by the imagery that emerged from the maelstrom of bad weather and inept government after Katrina. “As the title Keeping Things Whole suggests, Thibeault is less interested in romantic ruins than in paradigms of continuity emerging from the wreckage — a timely and elegant … read more… “Marie Thibeault’s extravagant wreckage in LA”

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Love letter to painting in LA

“Some Paintings: 2007 LA Weekly Annual Biennial,” curated by Doug Harvey. Track 16 Gallery, Santa Monica, CA. Through Feb.16. Artists include Lisa Adams, David Amico, Michael Arata, Josh Aster, Hilary Baker, Lynne Berman, Sandow Birk, William Brice, Heather Brown, Kristin Calabrese, Steve Canaday, Carol Caroompas, Karen Carson, Scott Cassidy, Mike Chang, Brian Cooper, Daniel Cummings, … read more… “Love letter to painting in LA”

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The Takashi Murakami brand at Geffen Contemporary

“© Murakami,“curated by Paul Schimmel and organized by Mika Yoshitake. Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, Los Angeles, CA. October 29- Feb. 11. Takashi Murakami, conflating the worlds of fine art and popular culture, is best known for the colorful cartoon-like imagery he dubs Superflat. In LA Weekly, Dani Katz takes a walk through the half-installed exhibition … read more… “The Takashi Murakami brand at Geffen Contemporary”

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Brad Spence: psychic relief via airbrush

“Brad Spence: Art Therapy ,” Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, CA. Through Oct. 27 In LA Weekly, Doug Harvey reports: “Spence has created an installation where the viewer stands at the vanishing point of a dozen slightly indeterminate psychological perspectives, resulting in a simultaneously unnerving and amniotic sense of creative suspension and potential. … read more… “Brad Spence: psychic relief via airbrush”

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Pioneering modernist Helen Lundeberg’s WPA mural restored

The History of Transportation Mural Works Project Administration (WPA) Arts project, completed in 1940 and designed by Helen Lundeberg. Located in the Art Park at Manchester Blvd and Grevillea Avenue. Daniel Hernandez in the LA Weekly reports: “The mural represents a renewed sense of identity for Inglewood, which can’t seem to shake its reputation as … read more… “Pioneering modernist Helen Lundeberg’s WPA mural restored”

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