Last chance: Dawn Black at Curator’s Office in DC

Curator’s Office, a tiny corner space in one of DC’s few gallery buildings, has one more day with Dawn Black‘s mysterious and delicately painted watercolor, ink, and gouache works on paper. Black paints small-scale portraits of individuals wearing masks, uniforms, couture fashion, prison garb, ethnic attire, and other random eccentric forms of concealment.The figures are … read more… “Last chance: Dawn Black at Curator’s Office in DC”

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Matthew Langley’s dangerous proposition

In the Washington City Paper, Kriston Capps reports on Matthew Langley’s first solo show at the DCArts Center. “Langley gets points for audacity. His paintings draw easy comparisons to a host of latter-day abstract-expressionist titans, from Agnes Martin and Sean Scully. Make no mistake, Langley courts those comparisons—his emphasis on the grid places him squarely … read more… “Matthew Langley’s dangerous proposition”

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Brouhaha in Baltimore when local conceptual artist swipes painter’s visual tropes

“Christine Bailey: New Work,” curated by Jordan Faye Block. Corporate lobby at 100 East Pratt Street, Baltimore, MD. Christine Bailey’s new work is painted in the style of one of Baltimore’s well-known painters, Cara Ober, who often blogs about the city’s scene. Bailey claims it’s a conceptual project about branding and originality, while angry Ober … read more… “Brouhaha in Baltimore when local conceptual artist swipes painter’s visual tropes”

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Painting Miami green

Exactly one week ago I was grabbing yet another cup of coffee in Miami, wondering how I could get to all the fairs before my Sunday mid-morning flight. The answer, of course, was I couldn’t. I saw a stunning number of good paintings by unfamiliar artists from all over the country, and left feeling as … read more… “Painting Miami green”

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Capps on Turner

“J.M.W. Turner,” National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC. Oct. 1-Jan. 6, 2008. See images of Turner paintings from the National Gallery’s collection. In the Guardian Unlimited, Kriston Capps reports: “The Turner retrospective compares with another recent show at the National Gallery of Art: that of his less fortunate contemporary, John Constable. Constable plays the straight … read more… “Capps on Turner”

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Homework assignment: Art Blogger Survey

At Grammar.police, Kriston Capps invited art bloggers to answer the questions Peter Plagens formulated for his Art in America roundtable discussion about art blogs: “Of course the great advantage to the blogosphere over print media is its boundlessness,” Kriston writes. “After reading the Art in America roundtable on art blogs by Peter Plagens, my one … read more… “Homework assignment: Art Blogger Survey”