Kerry James Marshall’s romance

In The Village Voice R.C. Baker calls Marshall’s paintings defiant kitsch. “Kerry James Marshall’s paintings of black people simply being human stand out in an art-industrial complex where subjects, artists, purveyors, and consumers are pretty much white folk. In his series of five large grisaille paintings, he imagines a young man lifting his girl through … read more… “Kerry James Marshall’s romance”

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Art for the centrally isolated at Cornell

“Recent Acquisitions: Contemporary Art,” The Herbert F. Johnson Museum Of Art at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. Through Septmeber 30. Arthur Whitman reports at Big Red and Shiny: “To those well-versed in contemporary art, the selection of work in ‘Recent Acquisitions’ is likely to have a wearisome familiarity. Many or perhaps most of the artists will … read more… “Art for the centrally isolated at Cornell”

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NYTimes Friday art reviews: a few paintings at Jack Shainman and Casey Kaplan

Read more.“THE COLOR LINE,” Jack Shainman Gallery, New York, NY. Through Aug. 3. Holland Cotter: “The artist Odili Donald Odita shaped this group exhibition around, among other things, a knot of prickly questions related to the idea of race as defined by skin color: race as a biological fiction; as a social fact; as a … read more… “NYTimes Friday art reviews: a few paintings at Jack Shainman and Casey Kaplan”

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