Rothko’s Chapel: Everyone’s missing the suicidal artist’s point

In The Guardian Jonathan Jones reports that his visit to the Rothko Chapel in Houston left him impressed, but troubled that Rothko‘s project is so clearly misunderstood by all the religious groups who meet there. “Locals use this place. In fact, they love it. They come not just as tourists but to meditate, pray, and … read more… “Rothko’s Chapel: Everyone’s missing the suicidal artist’s point”

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Jonathan Jones urges museums to throw out the TV

Guardian critic/blogger Jonathan Jones wishes art galleries and museums would stop turning themselves into video lounges. “I don’t think people realise how odd their behaviour is when confronted with the moving image in a museum. They stop, as if it deserves special attention. They bask in its light. Walk through the collection galleries at Tate … read more… “Jonathan Jones urges museums to throw out the TV”


John Moores Painting Prize: Shortlist released

The shortlist for the John Moores Contemporary Painting Prize, the UK’s largest contemporary painting competition with a first prize of £25,000 and total fund of over £35,000, was announced yesterday. Artists Jake & Dinos Chapman, art critic Sacha Craddock, and artists Graham Crowley and Paul Morrison, both former John Moores Prize winners, are the judges. … read more… “John Moores Painting Prize: Shortlist released”

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Sports writers on art, art critics on sport

The Guardian’s arts critics and sports writers swapped roles. Yesterday the critics got a taste of the sporting life, while today the sports team is set loose on the contemporary arts world. (Via Art News Blog) Jonathan Jones, visual art critic, on football Hull City v Bristol City at Wembley, May 24 “Watching football is, … read more… “Sports writers on art, art critics on sport”


Tony Blair’s official portrait: unbuttoned self-reinvention

In his blog at the Guardian Unlimited, Jonathan Jones reports that Tony Blair’s official portrait, painted by Phil Hale, was unveiled last night at the Houses of Parliament “There’s no point in fussing overmuch about the technical qualities of a painting like this. Short of commissioning Lucian Freud, you’re hardly likely to get a masterpiece … read more… “Tony Blair’s official portrait: unbuttoned self-reinvention”

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Courbet retrospective in Paris

“Courbet,” curated by Laurence des Cars, Dominique de Font-Réaulx, Gary Tinterow, and Michel Hilaire. Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais, Paris. Through Jan. 28. Schedule: Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY. Feb.27 to May 18; Musée Fabre, Montpellier, June 13 to Sept. 28. The exhibition, which includes over 130 paintings and is due in NYC … read more… “Courbet retrospective in Paris”

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Jonathan Jones dubs “Renaissance Siena” souvenir shop kitsch

“Renaissance Siena: Art for a City,” National Gallery, London. Through Jan. 13. A hundred paintings, sculptures, drawings, manuscripts and ceramics are presented. Artists include Matteo di Giovanni, Francesco di Giorgio, Benvenuto di Giovanni, the Master of the Legend of Griselda, Signorelli, Pintoricchio and Beccafumi. In The Guardian, Jonathan Jones suggests that the curators are chasing … read more… “Jonathan Jones dubs “Renaissance Siena” souvenir shop kitsch”

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Another niminy-piminy titillating survey..or the most brilliant show of the season?

“Seduced: Art and Sex from Antiquity to Now,” curated by Martin Kemp and Martin Kemp. Barbican Art Gallery, London. Through Jan. 27. In This is London, Brian Sewell reports: “We have had enough of niminy-piminy titillating surveys, enough of donnish picture books for dons who never touch young flesh; we need, instead, a disciplined enquiry, … read more… “Another niminy-piminy titillating survey..or the most brilliant show of the season?”

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John Everett Millais at the Tate Britain

“Millais,” curated by Alison Smith and Jason Rosenfeld, Tate Britain, London. Through Jan. 13. Schedule: Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam February 15 to May 18 , 2008, and two venues in Japan: Kitakyushu Municipal Museum of Art from June 7 to August 17, 2008, and The Bunkamura Museum of Art, August 30 to October 26, 2008. … read more… “John Everett Millais at the Tate Britain”

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Larry Poons exuberance

“Larry Poons,” Bernard Jacobson Gallery, London. Through Oct. 1o. Jonathan Jones in The Guardian reports: “There’s life and exuberance here that younger painters, who are often ensnared by the murderous rules of an art world fundamentally hostile to what painting is, rarely achieve….There won’t be any more legacy of abstract expressionism, the great avant garde … read more… “Larry Poons exuberance”

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