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Solo Shows

Stacy Lynn Waddell: Moving backwards to jump ahead

Contributed by Jonathan Goodman / In “Mettle,” Stacy Lynn Waddell’s expansive show at Candice Madey, the artist embraces different cultures throughout the world: Malian life in the 1960s; nineteenth-century American painting reflecting burgeoning capitalism; and seventeenth-century Dutch flower painting.

Solo Shows

Caroline Kent: A set of symbols

Contributed by Jonathan Goodman / Caroline Kent, a painter based in Chicago, is having her first show at Casey Kaplan. She makes schematic abstract paintings, which have aspects of doubled, mirror-like imagery. An underlying fiction of her art is the presence of twins, Victoria and Veronica, who speak to each other and to the painter’s audience via the works she creates. Kent’s sign-like abstraction involves a set of symbols whose meaning depends not on any explicitly prescribed content but rather on their visual orientation in terms of form and placement.