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Residency in Tuscany: Scarlett Bowman talks with Jon Lutz

Contributed by Jon Lutz / This summer I had the good fortune to do a four-week residency at Villa Lena, an international program located in the hills of Tuscany. A small, well-chosen group of very talented writers, actors, photographers, performers, and visual artists was in residence during my stay. Of these, London-based Scarlett Bowman seemed to […]


Jon Lutz and Jim Lee talk in the studio

Jim Lee, who has a show at Freight + Volume this month, talks to Jon Lutz at The Old Gold. “I’m not sure if it’s that Lee’s paintings are getting better over time, but I’m always surprised with where he takes it,”Lutz writes in the intro. “In the way that […]


Monya Rowe: Doubtfully optimistic? Optimistically doubtful?

Monya Rowe is presenting a group show, ‘Perception as Object,” which originally stemmed from the anticipation surrounding the recent presidential election and the current post-election uncertainty. The work in the show investigates how individuals perceive and interpret objects and ideas differently, and that sounds like a pretty good theme even […]