Joan Snyder: Painting from the inside out

Contributed by Jason Andrew / In a 1976 Cincinnati Enquirer review of Joan Snyder’s paintings, the reviewer, Owen Findsen, surmised that she had “picked up a little of this, a little of that … and made it all uglier.” While he found her work offensive, even questioning it’s validity, for those like me who have … read more… “Joan Snyder: Painting from the inside out”

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Joan Snyder: Fleshy physicality and broken-bones impact

In the LA Times art blog David Pagel reports that the six paintings and four prints in Snyder’s L.A. solo debut at SolwayJones Gallery are vintage Snyder. “Chewy clots of mismatched materials wrestled into abstract images that are lyrical without being lightweight, visceral without being heavy-handed. The fleshy physicality and broken-bones impact begins with the … read more… “Joan Snyder: Fleshy physicality and broken-bones impact”

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Joan Snyder’s new work in Boston

MacArthur Foundation fellow Joan Snyder, 68, presents new paintings at the Neilsen Gallery in Boston, and ten politically-charged photocollages at the Danforth Museum in Framingham. In the Boston Globe, Cate McQuaid reports that Snyder’s paintings at Neilsen don’t merely gush; they have a bristling intelligence. “She’s essentially an Abstract Expressionist with a feminist agenda; in … read more… “Joan Snyder’s new work in Boston”

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Joan Snyder receives MacArthur genius award

The MacArthur Foundation profile of Joan Snyder declares that her paintings “mirror her personal experience, but, at the same time, the visual messages she provides through her images convey universal and readily understood emotions. Through a fiercely individual approach and persistent experimentation with technique and materials, Snyder has extended the expressive potential of abstract painting … read more… “Joan Snyder receives MacArthur genius award”

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