Images: Austin Thomas

 Austin Thomas, Be Nice to Everybody, 2014, print on paper, small scale. Thomas has work included in the star-studded “Seven Year Anniversary Group Show” at English Kills, one of the first galleries in Bushwick. —— Two Coats of Paint is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution – Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. For … read more… “Images: Austin Thomas”

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IMAGES: John O’Donnell considers mimesis

It’s hard to tell if John O’Donnell is serious, and he seems to want it that way. Although known for his outlandish performances and kitschy installations that riff on contemporary art making strategies, in a recent show at The Schumacher Gallery at Westover School, O’Donnell presented a series of small paintings that explored contemporary abstraction. … read more… “IMAGES: John O’Donnell considers mimesis”

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IMAGES: Heather Leigh McPherson

Obsessive second-guessing, arguments with herself, and indecision all figure prominently in Heather Leigh McPherson’s painting process. A few weeks ago I stopped by her post-industrial-park Providence studio to check out her stunning new series of large-scale paintings. The brightly-colored, hovering mask-like images in her new work speak to the disconnect between who we are, who … read more… “IMAGES: Heather Leigh McPherson”


IMAGES: Matthew Mahler

Matthew Mahler, O M G #2 [oh my god], 2013, acrylic and dye on canvas, 40 x 44 inches. CMU. Matthew Mahler has been dyeing canvas, stretching it, adding a bit of geometric abstraction on top and titling with acronyms like OMG, BTW, MFA, POR and more. His solo show opens in Bushwick at Sardine … read more… “IMAGES: Matthew Mahler”


A Day for Detroit: Tyree Guyton in the Detroit Institute of Art collection

Tyree Guyton, Untitled, late 20th century, 43 x 25 x 5 inches. Detroit Instutute of Art, Gift of Cristina A. and Dirk S. Denison in memory of Mary Moore Denison. From the Detroit artist’s website: “Primarily a painter and sculptor, Tyree Guyton has also been described as an urban environmental artist. He has waged a … read more… “A Day for Detroit: Tyree Guyton in the Detroit Institute of Art collection”

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IMAGES: Matt Phillips

A founding member of TSA, a new artist-run space in Bushwick, Matt Phillips cites Alfred Jensen, Marimekko patterns and Gee’s Bend quilts as touchstones for his accident-prone abstractions that combine wobbly geometric shape with distinctive color relationships and casually agitated brushwork.”I’m interested in working with these things that are dumb fundamental components of visual language … read more… “IMAGES: Matt Phillips”

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At the Art Fairs: Christine Frerichs

This weekend at VOLTA, Gallery | KM from Santa Monica, CA, presented  Christine Frerich’s diminutive, thickly painted abstractions. Frerich’s work seemed out of place in an art fair atmosphere–more handmade and personal than the glitzy, over-produced projects and installations that dominate the fairs. But there they were. Working in an intimate scale that she compares … read more… “At the Art Fairs: Christine Frerichs”

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IMAGES: Laura Newman

Laura Newman’s color has always been sweet but brittle, and in her new work she moves away from overt architectural references and linear perspective to let the seemingly casual color shapes pulsate, gnash, and hover, like the pigeons she watches outside her Williamsburg studio. Newman writes in her statement that “…depending upon the time of … read more… “IMAGES: Laura Newman”


IMAGES: Michele Araujo @ Studio 10

In 2010 I visited Michele Araujo‘s DUMBO studio, where she was working on several promising new paintings. Known for piercingly bright acrylic colors and the use of small collage elements that neither blend with the well-worked surfaces nor cleanly separate themselves from it, Araujo has discovered a calmer, less high-pitched groove, giving her shapes, strips, … read more… “IMAGES: Michele Araujo @ Studio 10”

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IMAGES: Martin Bromirski

Martin Bromirski’s diminutive paintings (on display at StoreFront Bushwick this past month) feature circular shapes, clotty paint, bright colors, awkward slashes and gauged holes. At first glance, the paintings have a cheery, decorative quality, but below the shiny veneer, anger and anxiety are festering in the heavily worked surfaces and frustrated cutting. In a recent … read more… “IMAGES: Martin Bromirski”

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