Performance project: Face painting

Twenty years of painting practice will finally be put to good use today when I paint kids’ faces during the fall festival at my daughter’s school. She nixed the idea of painting the kids to look like famous artwork (a Morandi still life, Picasso’s “Weeping Woman,” Ellsworth Kelly’s “Falcon,” etc.) and suggested I practice making … read more… “Performance project: Face painting”


Why painters keep painting

In the NY Times Holland Cotter explains why Giorgio Morandi kept painting, even after his hands became shaky and his eyesight started to fail. “You might ask other artist-poets this question: Joseph Albers, say, or Paul Klee or Agnes Martin or a New York artist I know who sits down at his apartment desk for … read more… “Why painters keep painting”

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Morandi: “I don’t ask for anything except for a bit of peace which is indispensable for me to work.”

The big Giorgio Morandi survey that opens this week at the Metropolitan Museum features over 100 paintings, drawings, watercolors and etchings. In the New Yorker Peter Schjeldahl writes that painting for Morandi was manual labor, first and last. “For a time, he ground his own pigments. He stretched his own canvases, constantly varying their proportions. … read more… “Morandi: “I don’t ask for anything except for a bit of peace which is indispensable for me to work.””

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NY Mag’s fall painting picks

“Giorgio Morandi: 1890–1964,” Metropolitan Museum, New York, NY. Sept. 16–Dec. 14.“When the master of quiet still lifes died, in 1964, he was unfashionable in New York and London yet revered in Italy. Today, Morandi’s pastel paintings of bottles give the illusion of time stilled. The visual equivalent of slow food.” “Alfred Kubin Drawings, 1897–1909” At … read more… “NY Mag’s fall painting picks”

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