Sean Landers: Anticipating the “pathological narcissism of the blogosphere”

Sean Landers is best known for his layered text paintings, which typically advertise his artistic triumphs and failures in tragicomic fashion. In his current installation, “Set of Twelve,” at Friedrich Petzel, Landers reconfigures a series of videos he made in 1990 that feature obsessive monologues spoken rather than painted. Appearing in his empty studio, speaking … read more… “Sean Landers: Anticipating the “pathological narcissism of the blogosphere””

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Saltz: Old is gold

In New York, Jerry Saltz writes that the art market bubble has enabled long-overlooked but hard-working artists to move a little closer to the limelight. “One of the good things about the supposedly evil art boom—setting aside for the moment the notion that it may be destabilizing right now— is that underknown mid-career artists are … read more… “Saltz: Old is gold”

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NYTimes Art in Review: Chris Ofili, Elif Uras, Thomas Eggerer

“CHRIS OFILI: Devil’s Pie,” David Zwirner, New York, NY. Through Nov. 3. Holland Cotter reports: “Mr. Ofili has always been forthright about the devotional spirit of his art; here he makes the cross-cultural nature of the spirit clear, and a little too clear. Time and further experimentation should bring the synthesis he’s after. I take … read more… “NYTimes Art in Review: Chris Ofili, Elif Uras, Thomas Eggerer”

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