Hard edge in Grand Rapids

Minimalist painter Ellsworth Kelly has redefined abstraction by examining the shapes and colors found in natural and man-made forms, producing a visually breathtaking and philosophically sophisticated body of work. Of course, not everyone sees it that way. At the soon-to-open Grand Rapids Art Museum in Michigan, “Blue White,” an Ellsworth Kelly sculpture, has become the … read more… “Hard edge in Grand Rapids”

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The subterfuge artists of WWII

“Artists of Battlefield Deception: Soldiers of the 23rd” On NPR’s All Things Considered, the last in a series about World War II features the U.S. Army’s 23rd Special Troops, whose area of expertise was the art of deception. “The art of deception has been part of warfare since its beginnings. There is no more famous … read more… “The subterfuge artists of WWII”

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“Ellsworth Kelly: Fragments” at FilmColumbia Festival

“Ellsworth Kelly: Fragments” will be screened at the FilmColumbia Festival in October. The documentary takes a look at the artist, who is also a Columbia County resident. Since the beginning of his career, Kelly’s emphasis on pure form and color, and his impulse to suppress gesture in favor of overall spatial unity have played a … read more… ““Ellsworth Kelly: Fragments” at FilmColumbia Festival”

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Postwar occupation: American painters in Paris

“Americans in Paris: Abstract Painting in the Fifties,” Tibor de Nagy, New York, NY. Through September 29. Note: Gallery closed August 18 to September 3. In the NYSun, Maureen Mullarkey reports: “A surprisingly satisfying exhibition that showcases the work of 11 postwar pilgrims to sites abandoned by the Lost Generation well before the fall of … read more… “Postwar occupation: American painters in Paris”

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Donald and Doris Fisher propose new SF museum for their collection of contemporary art

In the San Francisco Chronicle, Kenneth Baker reports: “San Francisco’s stature as a cultural destination and hub of new art scholarship will jump dramatically if Gap founders Donald and Doris Fisher get their wish to build a museum for their collection of modern and contemporary art on the Presidio grounds. Containing more than a thousand … read more… “Donald and Doris Fisher propose new SF museum for their collection of contemporary art”

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Ellsworth Kelly rocks at the Tate Modern

In The Guardian, Jonathan Jones wonders why gallery goers aren’t blown away. “If Kelly makes you see the sheer beauty of minimalism – as opposed to the ready-made conceptualism it is so often seen as a dumb vessel of – he also connects contemporary, living art with the heritage of Matisse. This makes him one … read more… “Ellsworth Kelly rocks at the Tate Modern”

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