Interview: Stalking Deborah Brown’s paintings

Contributed by Elisabeth Condon / I’ve been stalking Deborah Brown’s paintings on Instagram, excited about a new series of still lifes. As far as I can tell they originated with #selfportraitwithzeusandpeacockscreen, posted on August 3rd. The painting features dramatic black and white, pushes color out to the sides and flings pattern on canvas where needed. … read more… “Interview: Stalking Deborah Brown’s paintings”

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Catalogue essay: Elisabeth Condon’s flowers and the visionary impulse

Contributed by Jason Stopa / Some painting of the last decade presents itself as politically neutral, simply about aesthetic taste, and lacks any stakes. Others still are incredibly didactic, demanding the viewer agree with their sentiment as much as their surfaces. Somewhere in the nexus of this is a painting that acts as a container … read more… “Catalogue essay: Elisabeth Condon’s flowers and the visionary impulse”