Dalton of Troy

Jennifer Dalton “Information Flow,” 2000, oil on paper, 9.5 x 7″ Jennifer Dalton, 2006 installation view of “Would You Rather be a Loser or a Pig?” at Plus Ultra (now represented by Edward Winkleman). Jennifer Dalton, “How Do Artists Live?” 2008  “Is It Just Me?” surveys the last 10 years of Jennifer Dalton’s sculptures and … read more… “Dalton of Troy”

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Miami report: Lazy blogger edition

Cribbed directly from Ed Winkleman: “It’s now officially a week and a day since we returned from Miami, the art shippers have returned our stuff, and we’re neck-deep in follow-up (not to mention slush), but I’ve finally found the time to survey the responses to the annual Artfest in the blogosphere and overall, considering the … read more… “Miami report: Lazy blogger edition”

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