Antoni Tàpies at Dia

I’m still in the Hudson River Valley after the opening at John Davis Gallery yesterday. Thanks Martin Bromirski, Maureen Burke, Tracy Helgeson, Chris Quirk, Amy Madden, Beth Gilfilen, and everyone else for making the trip. Today I’m headed to Dia:Beacon to see the Antoni Tàpies exhibition. Tàpies was born in Barcelona, Spain, in 1923 into … read more… “Antoni Tàpies at Dia”

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Studio Update: So long, little shack

When I recently vacated my summer studio shack at Habitat For Artists, Simon Draper, creator/curator of the unusual HFA residency project in Beacon, NY, asked me to write a brief essay on my experience. It’s longer than my usual posts, and some of it may sound familiar from earlier Studio Updates, but I thought readers … read more… “Studio Update: So long, little shack”


Cotter declares recreated Knoebel installation authentic!

NY Times critic Holland Cotter made the trip up the Hudson this week to visit Dia: Beacon and reports that he has no problem with the 2008 recreation of the 1977 Imi Knoebel installation. “’24 Colors—For Blinky’ was in storage for some 30 years, and when it was finally retrieved, Mr. Knoebel decided that it … read more… “Cotter declares recreated Knoebel installation authentic!”

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Two restoration tales: Ad Reinhardt and Imi Knoebel

In July issue of The Brooklyn Rail, I wrote about an Imi Knoebel installation at Dia:Beacon. The installation, billed as a restoration of Knoebel’s 1977 project “24 Colors–For Blinky,” was in fact a wholesale recreation of the enormous project. Preservation and restoration of Minimalist art is the subject of a small show currently on view … read more… “Two restoration tales: Ad Reinhardt and Imi Knoebel”


Imi Knoebel’s restoration at Dia: “24 Colors–For Blinky”

In the July/August issue of The Brooklyn Rail, check out my article about Imi Knoebel’s 1977 installation, which, thanks to generous funding from Gucci, has been recreated at Dia:Beacon. “After Palermo’s mysterious death at 33, Knoebel took the essential components of Palermo’s mostly small-scale work (color, shape, carefully conceived site-specific arrangement, subtle humor), and brilliantly … read more… “Imi Knoebel’s restoration at Dia: “24 Colors–For Blinky””

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Habitat for Artists: Studio shack update

(Note: Look for my essay, “Lost in Space: Art Post-Studio,” which examines the evolving studio needs and expectations among contemporary artists, in the June issue of The Brooklyn Rail.) Here are some pictures of the studio shack Simon Draper is building for me up at Spire Studios in Beacon, NY. Spire Studios are on the … read more… “Habitat for Artists: Studio shack update”

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