Alice Neel at the Zwirners

David Zwirner has two concurrent exhibitions of Alice Neel’s work, “Alice Neel: Selected Works” at the Chelsea branch, and “Alice Neel: Nudes of the 1930s” uptown at Zwirner & Wirth. According to Zwirner, who now represents her estate with a couple other galleries, Neel (1900-1984) is one of the most important American painters of the … read more… “Alice Neel at the Zwirners”

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Another Yuskavage show in NYC

A few years ago in the NY Times, Ken Johnson wrote that Lisa Yuskavage’s paintings were sly, soft-porn fantasies of pneumatic women in hazes of auto-erotic reverie. “Some will say that she is subversively toying with the male gaze; others, noting the melting light in her pictures, that she is mainly a fine painter. Still … read more… “Another Yuskavage show in NYC”


Sue Williams’s linemaking logic

In the Village Voice Michael Spies writes about his visit to Sue Williams’s Montauk studio where they discussed work for her show, opening today, at David Zwirner. “Her studio space is tight, the walls sparsely adorned with small drawings and paintings made by her 13-year-old daughter, Charlotte…. To our left is a big window looking … read more… “Sue Williams’s linemaking logic”

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NY Times Art in Review: Nelson, Mitchell, Rauch

“Dona Nelson: In Situ, Paintings, 1973-Present,” Thomas Erben, New York, NY. Through May 31. Roberta Smith: “There are many ways a New York museum could avoid merely validating the art market; one would be to surprise us all and give the New York painter Dona Nelson a survey. She has painted prolifically and innovatively for … read more… “NY Times Art in Review: Nelson, Mitchell, Rauch”

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Rosa Loy’s Leipzig dreamworld

At artnet Charlie Finch absolutely swoons over Leipzig artist Rosa Loy’s new paintings. “Rosa is not afraid to blatantly paint-check her influences: languid nymphs sampling a long bolt of orange silk drifting down a hidden staircase are right out of Balthus and the knowing smiles of a tableful of women devouring turkeys are a sly … read more… “Rosa Loy’s Leipzig dreamworld”

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Luc Tuymans and Mickey Mouse

Luc Tuymans is, as they say, a painter’s painter, and in his show at Zwirner, his new paintings glow. Zwirner’s press release explains that Tuymans has turned his attention to Walt Disney’s legacy, examining how the animation studio grew into a family-oriented media giant with quasi-utopian ambitions. Zwirner asserts that this new series of paintings … read more… “Luc Tuymans and Mickey Mouse”

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Tuymans the new Mr. Big

On everyone’s list of favorite painters, Luc Tuymans is usually near the top. His early abstract-ish paintings, small and wan, were nothing if not winning…but does the old formula (near-monochromatic color, sketchy brushwork, mysterious fading imagery) still work when the scale is monumental? Zwirner’s press release explains that Tuymans has turned his attention to Walt … read more… “Tuymans the new Mr. Big”

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NYTimes Art in Review: Chris Ofili, Elif Uras, Thomas Eggerer

“CHRIS OFILI: Devil’s Pie,” David Zwirner, New York, NY. Through Nov. 3. Holland Cotter reports: “Mr. Ofili has always been forthright about the devotional spirit of his art; here he makes the cross-cultural nature of the spirit clear, and a little too clear. Time and further experimentation should bring the synthesis he’s after. I take … read more… “NYTimes Art in Review: Chris Ofili, Elif Uras, Thomas Eggerer”

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Ofili shows us the long journey, the big picture

“Chris Ofili,” David Zwirner, New York, NY. Through November 3. This is Ofili’s first NY solo show since The Holy Virgin Mary came to the Brooklyn Museum in 1999 and sparked a huge controversy. Ofili now lives in Trinidad and no longer uses elephant dung on his canvases. In New York Magazine, Jerry Saltz reports … read more… “Ofili shows us the long journey, the big picture”

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What does Pettibon think?

“Raymond Pettibon: Here’s Your Irony Back (The Big Picture),” David Zwirner Gallery, New York, NY. Through October 20. Other Pettibon sightings:“Sympathy for the Devil: Art and Rock and Roll Since 1967,” curated by Dominic Molon. Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL. Through Jan. 6. “Running Around the Pool: Contemporary Drawing,” curated by Terri Lindbloom. Florida … read more… “What does Pettibon think?”

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