Fran O’Neill: Slow evolution, constant undulation

At online mag ArtCritical, David Cohen selects Fran O’Neill’s second solo show at the John Davis Gallery in Hudson, NY, as the Pic of the Day. “Her latest series is a breakthrough: these sumptuous, all-over abstractions built of mind-bogglingly intricate details are oceanic in their fusion of decorative and labor intensity. Like the ocean, there … read more… “Fran O’Neill: Slow evolution, constant undulation”

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Nick Miller’s alternative studio

I’m always interested in artists like Nick Miller who have developed unusual studio solutions. Miller’s current show at the New York Studio School features paintings he made in the back of a 8′ x 13′ truck that he converted into mobile studio. The larger paintings, built up with small clotty agitated brushstrokes, don’t translate well … read more… “Nick Miller’s alternative studio”

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Ashbery and Naves: Completing the circle

This month well respected art critics Mario Naves and John Ashbery both present their collages in New York. In the NY Sun, David Cohen covers both shows. “Is there something intrinsic to the appeal of collage to writers — to moving bits of paper around in startling, revelatory juxtapositions? The coincidence of two shows of … read more… “Ashbery and Naves: Completing the circle”

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Cy Twombly’s juggling act

In the NY Sun David Cohen writes that the Cy Twombly retrospective at Tate Modern is a reminder that no matter how intellectually ambitious, above all else, painting is smearing and drawing is scribble. “In room after room, this survey offers spare yet dynamic canvases, or cruddy yet evocative sculpture. However nonchalant his painterly marks … read more… “Cy Twombly’s juggling act”

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Catherine Murphy questions our relationship to the commonplace

In the NY Sun David Cohen writes that the real enigma of Murphy’s treatment of the perceived world is that she is “neither hyperrealistic nor impressionistic, nor is she so remote from her own facture as to achieve — or seem to want to achieve — total verisimilitude. The Greeks had a concept of ekphrasis, … read more… “Catherine Murphy questions our relationship to the commonplace”

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Cohen’s picks for June solo shows

David Cohen writes in the NY Sun that there are still several solos to catch in June before the galleries hang their summer group shows. I look forward to the group shows, but Cohen complains that writing about them is a bore. Here is his June painting preview, with links to the artists. “Jack Shainman … read more… “Cohen’s picks for June solo shows”

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Berthot and Dodd: Compare and contrast

“Both artists engage in a significant degree of abstraction within their realism in the sense of excluding extraneous detail and homing in on what they take to be essences,” declares David Cohen in the NY Sun. “But with Ms. Dodd, the essence is always linked to stuff that is actually observed, to sensations experienced. With … read more… “Berthot and Dodd: Compare and contrast”

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Eye-popping, snarling James Siena

In the NY Sun, David Cohen writes that the quality of line in James Siena’s new figurative grotesques relates to the quilt- or lattice-like grids and labyrinths of classic Siena pictures. “Not just formally but also in terms of their own morphology: The line seems as subservient to algorithm as depiction, even though they work … read more… “Eye-popping, snarling James Siena”

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Alan Saret at The Drawing Center

“Alan Saret: Gang Drawings,” The Drawing Center, New York, NY. Through Feb. 7. Alan Saret was part of the Soho alternative art scene in the late 1960s and 70s, and one of the pioneers of process art and post-minimal art. The Drawing Center presents the artist’s “gang drawings,” made from fistfuls of colored pencils swept … read more… “Alan Saret at The Drawing Center”

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Alberto Burri: surgeon turned artist after WWII

“Alberto Burri,” Mitchell-Innes & Nash, New York, NY. Through January 19. Alberto Burri (1915 – 1995) was born in Città di Castello, Italy. He earned a medical degree in 1940, before serving as a surgeon during World War II in North Africa where he was captured in 1943 by Allied troops and sent to the … read more… “Alberto Burri: surgeon turned artist after WWII”

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