Dana Schutz, jogging alongside the train wreck

Contributed by Zach Seeger / In her new work on view at Petzel through February 23, Dana Schutz finds herself wielding the brush of post recession rapture painting, a condition of exhaustive, Beckett-like inevitability where the steady drip of bad news informs our social media feeds. She imagines the world outside her studio, empathizing with the toilers of pathological banality while depicting … read more… “Dana Schutz, jogging alongside the train wreck”


NY Times Art in Review: Dana Schutz and André Ethier

(NOTE: This is Two Coats of Paint’s thousandth post! To read our very first post, from May 9, 2007, click here.) “Dana Schutz: Missing Pictures,” Zach Feuer Gallery, New York, NY. Through April 25. Roberta Smith reports: Dana Schutz’s new paintings look a tad better on the gallery’s Web site than in person. Compression helps, … read more… “NY Times Art in Review: Dana Schutz and André Ethier”

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Finding painting’s pulse

In Smithsonian Magazine, Paul Trachtman looks at contemporary painting and reports a renewed belief in the medium. “In recent years, a number of painters have begun reaching back to the roots of modern art to find new modes of expression. They are mixing the human figure and other recognizable forms with elements of abstraction and … read more… “Finding painting’s pulse”

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Dana Schutz Fest

Schutz’s new paintings are at Zach Feuer through May 19. Holland Cotter weighs in on Schutz’s show at Feuer in The New York Times. “The art industry requires that at least one young artist be shot into the stratosphere every few years. The painter Dana Schutz was the choice in 2002, when she was in … read more… “Dana Schutz Fest”

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