Katherine Bradford at Edward Thorp

I live in a seaside tourist town (this weekend is the “Cabin Fever Festival”) so I’m surrounded by impressionistic paintings of boats, water, beach, drawbridge and so forth. In the group show of gallery artists on view at Edward Thorp, Katherine Bradford’s paintings prove that ships and the sea are not necessarily the trite, shopworn … read more… “Katherine Bradford at Edward Thorp”

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Jukkala doesn’t name names in New Haven

The current show at Artspace in New Haven, CT, highlights seven painters whose abstract work focuses on elements of color, shape, and surface. The imagery alludes to structures, figures, and recognizable forms, yet remains abstract and unnameable. The painters include Matt Connors, Keltie Ferris, Chris Martin, Carrie Moyer, Baker Overstreet, Palma Blank-Rosenblum, and Chuck Webster. … read more… “Jukkala doesn’t name names in New Haven”

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Even Charlie Finch loves Chris Martin (but hates Chelsea)

“After Yale, Chris embarked on a haphazard journey of shows in galleries like John Good, Bernard Toale, Daniel Weinberg and Sideshow. A small band of devoted collectors followed him around, dropping a few dollars on the bright boy to keep him going. Gallery director Jay Gorney told me, ‘I am a HUGE Chris Martin fan.’ … read more… “Even Charlie Finch loves Chris Martin (but hates Chelsea)”