Images: Carrie Moyer at Mary Boone

Contributed by Sharon Butler / What you can’t see clearly in online images of Carrie Moyer’s new paintings, on view at Mary Boone (in conjunction with DC Moore) through April 21, is the remarkable fusion of flat, opaque abstract form with a masterful illusion of three-dimensionality. Moyer’s masked shapes, paint pours, and drop shadows, applied with varying degrees of transparency, … read more… “Images: Carrie Moyer at Mary Boone”

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Pepe brings old-school lesbian feminist imagery to Las Vegas

Sheila Pepe’s collaborative installation, “Yo Mama” is on view in Las Vegas through the end of the month. In the Las Vegas Weekly Danielle Kelly reports that the flying crocheted form suspended from all corners of the main gallery is spidery in its organic accumulation, and appears to be many things; soaring majestic vagina is … read more… “Pepe brings old-school lesbian feminist imagery to Las Vegas”

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Jukkala doesn’t name names in New Haven

The current show at Artspace in New Haven, CT, highlights seven painters whose abstract work focuses on elements of color, shape, and surface. The imagery alludes to structures, figures, and recognizable forms, yet remains abstract and unnameable. The painters include Matt Connors, Keltie Ferris, Chris Martin, Carrie Moyer, Baker Overstreet, Palma Blank-Rosenblum, and Chuck Webster. … read more… “Jukkala doesn’t name names in New Haven”

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