Joan Snyder: Painting from the inside out

Contributed by Jason Andrew / In a 1976 Cincinnati Enquirer review of Joan Snyder’s paintings, the reviewer, Owen Findsen, surmised that she had “picked up a little of this, a little of that … and made it all uglier.” While he found her work offensive, even questioning it’s validity, for those like me who have … read more… “Joan Snyder: Painting from the inside out”

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NY Times Art in Review: Leon Kossoff and Xylor Jane

“Leon Kossoff: From the Early Years, 1957-1967,” Mitchell-Innes & Nash, New York, NY. Through March 28. Roberta Smith reports: This show is an informative treat. The early paintings of the British artist Leon Kossoff are not well known in this country. No American museum even owns one. Of the 10 works here, all but one … read more… “NY Times Art in Review: Leon Kossoff and Xylor Jane”

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Matt Connors at Canada

In his first solo show at Canada, Matt Connors presents a predictably sloppy version of modernism. Although I don’t see the “rigor of an Ellsworth Kelly ” that’s mentioned in the press release (are they pulling my leg?), the awkward color, not-quite geometric shapes and flat-footed paint handling have a certain haphazard appeal. Clearly impulse, … read more… “Matt Connors at Canada”

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